At last... Our Best Ever Way To Quit Smoking In Just One Session - FOR GOOD


INTRODUCING the EASIEST way to STOP SMOKING PERMANENTLY so you can live longer, happier, and healthier than EVER before.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis with Michael D is a dedicated stop smoking hypnosis service situated in the heart of South Yorkshire. We offer the very latest in expert hypnosis and NLP techniques to work exclusively with smokers who are determined to quit. If that's you, and you are absolutely sick of cigarettes or cigars and want to stop - and stay stopped - keep reading to discover how you can:
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Michael Daffern - dedicated stop smoking hypnosis practioner
SAVE ££££ a year for life when you stop buying cigarettes
Feel FANTASTIC to never touch a cigarette again for the rest of your life*
SMELL GREAT without worrying if other people think you stink
ENJOY feeling healthier and breathing better
Cut your risk of smoking-related CANCERS
Be more ATTRACTIVE to would-be partners
Look YOUNGER than you would if you continued smoking
Stop being a SLAVE to a habit that will kill you

Do You Wish To Save £4k Per Year?

This is the average cost you will save by quitting smoking. Can you afford to keep on smoking?
Stop Smoking Today!
At Stop Smoking Hypnosis with Michael D, we can help you stop smoking for good in just ONE expert hypnosis session.

You want to know our secret?

We know what will really make you quit… And why your previous attempts have failed.

At Stop Smoking Hypnosis with Michael D, we don’t want you to waste any more money on trying to quit.

We want you to stop – to leave our clinic as a non-smoker – once and for all.

It’s time to stop failing. You know what we’re talking about… You told yourself you were definitely going to stop this time.

Then this happened… Maybe you’d gone cold turkey – and the ache of imagining a cig drove you so crazy, you lit up just to relieve the feelings?

Or you’d used patches – and despite having six-times more poisonous nicotine pumping through your veins than in a cigarette, you still needed a smoke?

Perhaps you’d vaped – but you worried about what you were really breathing in and you were STILL paying and tied to a habit?

You might have even been to another hypnotherapist, but didn’t feel “hypnotised”, so walked out, thinking “that was a waste of time” and lit up again?

Or was it the most frustrating of them all – you did stop all by yourself, for ages – and then in one stupid moment, sparked up and you were hooked again. Sound familiar?

The reality is all these methods do help some people quit successfully – so why not you?
Frustrated trying to stop smoking - Stop Smoking With Michael Daffern in Mexborough Barnsley Rotherham Doncaster Sheffield South Yorkshire

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Michael Daffern

dedicated stop smoking hypnosis practioner

At Stop Smoking Hypnosis with Michael D, we know exactly why you haven’t stopped yet – and it’s breathtakingly simple.

CLUE: It’s not about addiction, willpower or even other hypnotherapists.

It’s about YOU! So why is this time going to be different? How do we know you’re going to stop?

Because we know the secrets of the mindsets that lead to failure and those that always lead to success…

And after you book your free phone consultation, and you’re invited to our clinic for your two-hour bespoke stop-smoking hypnosis session, you too can experience the powerful mindset that will make you never want to touch tobacco again.
You’ll find out you do have what it takes to QUIT SMOKING FOR GOOD in just one session.
You’ll discover ways to ANNIHILATE cravings instantly
You’ll discover how you are NOT ADDICTED to nicotine – and how you can break those ties to that drug easily
You’ll gladly DESTROY all your old “excuses” to keep smoking and find no need to smoke again
You’ll stop being a SLAVE to those smoking triggers and find BETTER things to do in those old smoking moments.
You’ll uncover the GREATEST SECRET to stopping smoking of all – and that you already have what it takes – and if not yet – how to get it.
Sounds fantastic, right!?

You want to know why this is even better than you imagined?

Because you can have all this for LESS than just four week’s cigarettes if you smoke 20 a day.
Alex Hypnotherapy - Stop Smoking With Michael Daffern in Mexborough Barnsley Rotherham Doncaster Sheffield South Yorkshire
"Michael is brilliant, kind and people really take to him. I’m ecstatic to have lured him over to help our clients and I know people will be queuing to get in his chair"
Alexandra Vessey
Clinic Owner
Alexandra Hypnotherapy
You want to book a free phone consultation right away?

Excellent! We’d love to have you.

But there’s just one thing we ask of you before you grab your slot, and it’s a deal breaker…


Yes. That’s our deal. You’ll only stop if YOU absolutely want to stop. We’re not here to convince you to stop smoking or beg you to stop smoking or bully you into stopping smoking.

We know how to stop. Michael used to smoke. He successfully stopped for good.

But this is not a test of our skills. We’ve successfully stopped scores of people.

Our methods are absolutely fine. The variable in all of this is you.

You, and you alone, decide whether you successfully quitting smoking with us is a tremendous success or not.
Stop Smoking with Michael - You Are The Only Thing Stopping You - Stop Smoking With Michael Daffern in Mexborough Barnsley Rotherham Doncaster Sheffield South Yorkshire
So, do you really want to stop? And if, with your hand on your heart, you have reached the enough is enough moment, and you cannot stand smoking any longer, then step this way…

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You are now invited to book in and start the rest of your life as a non-smoker.

Discover how fantastic it will feel when you’re free of that old habit.

No more wasting ££££ up in smoke on tobacco!
No more smokers cough and breathlessness!
No more feeling embarrassed that you’re the only one left who still has that nasty habit!
No more worrying about what it’s really doing to you!
No more excuses to yourself and your loved ones about why you haven’t stopped yet!
No more of that anxious empty feeling when you can’t have a cig!
No more checking your breath in case you stink!
No more failed attempts to stop
Stop Smoking With Michael - The New You - Stop Smoking With Michael Daffern in Mexborough Barnsley Rotherham Doncaster Sheffield South Yorkshire
Picture the new non-smoking you now.

Feel the joy of breathing much more easily.

Enjoy having so much more money to spend on yourself and your loved ones.

Delight in being free of that old habit!

Know that the affordable fee for the hypnosis session can ultimately save you ££££ which you would have otherwise burned.

IMPORTANT! You don’t want to miss this…

This could be the best money you ever spent.
Our fee of just £299 for the stop smoking hypnosis session means our booking slots are genuinely limited so you’ll need to act fast to secure our soonest availability. 
In your free consultation we’ll ask you about your smoking habit and patterns, including times you might typically smoke. We’ll discuss your biggest and best reasons for stopping – and what might have kept you smoking until now.

If we choose to go ahead and arrange a hypnosis session, we’ll ask that you do not smoke on the day of your appointment. This is VERY important for the success of your session.

In order to secure your appointment, we’ll also take a payment of £150 upfront. This is essential to cover the two-hour clinic slot at our general hypnotherapy practice, Alexandra Hypnotherapy – one of South Yorkshire’s busiest and most renowned hypnosis clinics.

We accept this deposit payment by credit/debit card, or Paypal, and once paid, we will confirm your booking in a two-hour slot.

The remaining £149 is due on the day of your appointment and we can accept cash, card, Paypal or bank transfer.
Michael and Alex at Alexandra Hypnotherapy - Stop Smoking With Michael Daffern in Mexborough Barnsley Rotherham Doncaster Sheffield South Yorkshire
Please note: Cancellations and requests to rearrange are only accepted up to one week before your appointment. Any cancellations made after that date mean the deposit is forfeit and reimbursement for requests to rearrange appointments will only be made strictly at our discretion. Also note that anyone who does not attend their appointment will not be permitted to rebook.

There are no refunds once the hypnosis session has begun and neither Stop Smoking Hypnosis with Michael D, nor Alexandra Hypnotherapy assume any responsibility for the degree of success of your session.

We do not charge a fee to book in for the consultation because we want to make this process easy for you, now you have made the decision.

However, if you don’t answer the phone for your consultation, you won’t be allowed to book in again.

These sessions are only suitable for people who are determined to stop.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in a session and can I be hypnotised?

Here is the exciting part…

Once you’re sitting comfortably in our office, we’ll talk you through the hypnosis process so you’re relaxed and you understand how easy and enjoyable hypnosis is and we’ll make sure you’re ready to stop smoking once and for all.

We have a super-comfy recliner chair and once you’re in a profoundly relaxed state of focussed hypnosis, we’ll deliver a set of precision instructions that can change your life for the better. You’ll re-alert feeling better, stronger, with a whole host of subconscious instructions designed to make your stopping smoking easier than ever before.

What if I start smoking again?

Then you’d be an idiot and you’d have blown your best chance at stopping easily.

That’s why we only take on clients who are determined to stop; people who know without a doubt that this is what they want to do. However, if you have a major upset in your life, sudden stress can cause our brains to revert to previous programming.

So this is our promise to you. If you start again within 12 months of your session, and you’re still committed to stopping, we’ll have you back in the chair for free.

Remember, our methods are tried, tested and effective but we can’t control you and your life once you leave our chair. As in all things, the responsibility for your life and your choices, lies with you.

How do I find your office?

Our relaxed hypnosis room is in the Mexborough Business Centre, College Road, Mexborough, S64 9JP.

Use the main car park (the one with the double gates) and follow signs for Reception.

At reception, let them know you have an appointment with Michael at Alexandra Hypnotherapy and we will come to greet you.

If, for any reason, the front door is locked, head for the raised brick porch with BOYS marked on the front, accessible from the main car park, and ring the doorbell marked Reception.

Mexborough is a town in the heart of South Yorkshire, within a few miles of both Doncaster and Rotherham, and about 25 minutes by car from Barnsley, and 30 mins from the heart of Sheffield.

It is less than 15 minutes drive from the A1, and 20 minutes from the M1.

The office is also less than 15 minutes’ walk from Mexborough Train Station and the Bus Interchange.
We have welcomed clients at our general hypnosis practice, Alexandra Hypnotherapy, from as far as Wakefield, Bradford, Leeds, York, Hull, Scunthorpe, Nottingham, Matlock, Chesterfield, The Peak District, Holmfirth and Penistone.

And for topics other than smoking, we have an international client base via our online sessions.

If you would like to book in for any of our other hypnosis sessions, or to learn more about what hypnosis can do for you, visit our general hypnotherapy site at Alexandra Hypnotherapy
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